Cisco Career Certification

Cisco Career Certification

Networks continue to evolve into a complex array of devices and systems. Cisco technologies are the worldwide authority in computer networking and have become the widespread choice to streamline and protect these networks. Because of this, Cisco training is becoming increasingly valuable.

Those with Cisco training demonstrate:

New Horizons Bulgaria partners with authorized Cisco Learning Partners around the globe to deliver on-demand training courses on Cisco technologies.

Depending the level of your experience and knowledge, you can choose associate or proficiency level of training:

Cisco Career Certification, Associate

Cisco® Developing Applications and Automating Workflows Using Cisco® Core Platforms v1.0 (DEVASC)

You will learn how to implement basic network applications using Cisco® platforms and how to implement automation workflows across network, security, collaboration, and computing infrastructure.

Cisco® Implementing and Administering Cisco® Solutions v1.0 (CCNA)

Learn how to install, operate, configure, and verify basic IPv4 and IPv6 networks. The course also gives you a foundation in network programmability, automation, and software-defined networking.

Cisco Career Certification, Professional

Cisco® Developing Applications Using Cisco® Core Platforms and APIs v1.0 (DEVCOR)

Learn how to implement network applications using Cisco® platforms as a base, from initial software design to diverse system integration, as well as testing and deployment automation.

Cisco® Implementing and Operating Cisco® Enterprise Network Core Technologies v1.0 (ENCOR)

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to configure, troubleshoot, and manage enterprise wired and wireless networks.

Cisco® Implementing and Operating Cisco® Security Core Technologies v1.0 (SCOR)

You will master the skills and technologies you need to implement core Cisco security solutions to provide advanced threat protection against cybersecurity attacks.